Developer   INSANE  (Based in São Paulo, Brazil)

Founding Year   2009


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INSANE is a Brazilian independent game studio founded in São Paulo in 2009 with the objective to create Profane, an MMORPG that provides epic adventures and unique stories for the players


INSANE began with a team of only six people with no game developing experience. The team decided to work on several smaller games in order to learn and develop the skills needed to create their dream project: the MMO Profane. Some of these games include Bubble Up, a platform Facebook, and mobile game, Earth Under Siege, a tower defense with players fighting an alien invasion on iPad and PC, as well as games for Maurício de Sousa Produções, creator of one of Latin America’s biggest IPs.


After these initial projects, INSANE began in 2015 the development of Profane. The MMO is inspired by games like Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Darkfall and Star Wars Galaxies, but also focuses on giving radical freedom to the players.


In 2018, INSANE made a pre-alpha version of Profane with the purpose of validating its Game Design. The early access was exclusively for the Brazilian community through Founder Packs sales. After having successful results in Brazil, the studio decided that focus their energies into developing the Alpha, having now over 25 developers working exclusively on the project. The Pre-Alpha is no longer available for testing.


Profane is a sword & sorcery fantasy setting in which everything is connected to five elements - Light, Shadow, Nature, Mind, and Instinct - and a mysterious entity that seems to want to destroy everything.

After a long period of war in which magic was nearly extinguished by an Inquisition, players come in, and it is now their time to discover the ruins of old empires, recover the magic of the five elements and make their own history.


Profane does not have any class or level restriction, so players are free to explore the entire world right from the beginning. The progression is based on how much the player explores the world, combat skills that they discover, and abilities that are improved dynamically based on the player’s actions.

The game also features a full-loot system, which means that opponents can strip all the players’ items if they are defeated. Extensive building and social systems also enable gamers to build from a lonely cottage to full-blown cities and tax the players that live within the territory they control. Opposing players can even lay siege to the city.


The gameworld in Profane is dynamic and changes over time. That Gnoll village will not stay static in the same place forever. Their population may run out of control and harass players, who can fight back to curb their growth or even wipe them out.


Some of Profane’s main features:

  • Dynamic: a constantly changing sandbox world full of secrets to explore;

  • No restrictions: no classes or levels

  • Skill-based combat system: Combat system is fully action-based and the player can collect skills and create builds the same way you build decks on trading card games, so you can discover several skills, but only equip a limited number of them at a time;

  • Create your character as you play: proficiencies improve dynamically as the player uses them, not by assigning skill points;

  • Build!: a complete building system capable of creating from small cottages to entire cities;

  • Territorial: players can claim lands as their own, set laws and collect taxes. Then try to keep invading players away;

  • Unforgiving: open PvP and full-loot everywhere. Some places are protected by guards but there is no magical protection, you can still die if you get distracted;

  • A whole unique world: regions hosted on servers across the world that form one single global map;

  • Freedom: do whatever you want and live your own unique adventure.




PC / Windows


The studio goal is that in Profane`s final version the game will be Free to Play with skins and cosmetics. During development, the game is Buy to Play.


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