Profane is a player-driven Sandbox MMORPG that takes place in a sword & sorcery setting. Explore a dynamic open-world that reacts to your actions, turning every adventure into a brand new experience.

Release Date: TBA
Platform: PC/Windows
Genre: Sandbox MMORPG
Game Combat and Camera: Action / Third-Person

Developer: INSANE



Your journey will begin in the Sea of Faces, a paradisiacal location filled with ancient secrets and dangerous magic. Explore isolated islands filled with mysterious ruins and deadly monsters. Form alliances and establish a foothold in a place where nature itself thrives to kill you.


a world with
no boundaries

Follow your goals, and discover the wonders and dangers of this new Sandbox MMORPG with no boundaries or limits. 

Living and breathing world:  a continually changing sandbox world filled with Dynamic Adventures, NPC Factions, and more.

Skill-based combat system: action combat, focused on the player's skills.

Try new combat styles:  as you explore the world, you might discover and collect several Elemental Skills, but the slots to equip them will be limited and will have a cooldown between every change.

No classes or levels: improve your Proficiencies as you perform them, not by assigning talent/attribute points.

Build!: an open Building System, in which you can create everything from small houses to entire cities in the open world.

Control!: claim lands, set laws, and collect taxes while trying to keep invaders away.

Immersion and freedom: beware of enemies trying to steal your resources and properties.

Unforgiving: face the consequences of having negative Karma!


One massive world: servers hosted worldwide will be accessible
to all, forming a single global map. 



You will live the genuine excitement of territorial domination, by building, destroying, and conquering villages, cities, or even empires. Be ready to fight your enemies, defend your territory, or to claim a new one.



Have you ever played an MMORPG with open PVP and full lootIf you haven't, take the opportunity to get to know this style by playing Profane! 

Skill-based combat: action combat, using WASD for movement and mouse aim with no assistance.

Create your combat style: combine your favorite Proficiencies with Elemental Skills to build a unique combat style.

Move!: no animation-lock on basic attacks. However, when casting some active skills, your movements may get compromised by the animation skill.

Watch out for friendly fire!: it's also possible to buff and heal enemies, in case they get hit by mistake.

Choose your weapons: switch between two weapon combinations during combat. 


Fight with strategy: use your skills with precision, considering mana consumption and cooldown time.

Be sharp in combat!: Profane focuses more on the players' skills and strategies other than equipment.


dynamic adventures

You will live a unique adventure every time you challenge a powerful monster, so be ready to face surprises and unpredictable situations! Monsters and NPCs will not always have the same strength or be in the same places. Climatic phenomena can bring great surprises! Experience the true meaning of exploration and adventure!

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In the world of Semisus, everything is connected to five elements - Light, Shadow, Nature, Mind, and Instinct. After a long period of war in which an Inquisition nearly extinguished the magic of the world, players come in. It is now their time to discover the ruins of old empires, unveil the mysteries of an enigmatic entity, recover the magic of the five elements, and create their story.



A Sandbox MMORPG with a living, dynamic world it's not built overnight. It is something that takes a lot of dedication, persistence, and a passionate team to accomplish.
Follow our journey as we create this rich and immersive universe.

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