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INSANE presents its greatest project: Profane. A Sandbox MMORPG with one open world and no limits!  The true RPG experience is here!

Be whoever
you want!

On Profane you can choose
what kind of player you want
to be. Murder others, be
a merchant, a defender
of the law, or a pirate.
The choice is yours!

No barriers

Follow your goals without being guided or blocked by endless missions or invisible barriers! In Profane you will be free to explore a world full of mysteries and treasures. Find mythological creatures, dazzling scenarios and amaze yourself with the wonders of this lost world.

No classes or levels

You do not need to choose a class to define your style, this will be defined based on your training and fighting skills!

Plenty of adventures

Profane will be filled with adventures, making exploration even more exciting. Get ready to come across the most diverse possibilities!

An authentic Sandbox

We take Sandbox very seriously. Whether alone or with a group of friends, you can change the world and the story of the game at any time! Create from small villages to great cities, be responsible for the triumph of powerful empires. The control is totally in your hands!


wanna know more?

Join us on Discord! Interact with our community and discover our universe!

PROFANE_alpha (1).png

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