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about the game



Monsters and resources will not appear in the same places, neither cities nor villages will be permanent, and they can be destroyed or improved by players' actions. 

Profane's climate will be dynamic, filling the game with unpredictability and unexpected situations. Climatic phenomena may affect the flora, creatures' behavior, and interfere with the players' movement and vision.  

Build a home and begin your journey

Whether alone or with a group of friends, you can change the world and the game's story. Create from small villages to great cities in the open world and be responsible for the triumph of a powerful empire. 

Use your home to stock up resources, and create a workstation! But remember that Profane's world is hazardous, so avoid having your house looted and damaged by ensuring its protection.


The heart of Profane is territorial conquest; this is how a guild can write its name in the game's history. Players can build towns and cities, conquer mines and castles, and define the world's political geography.​


Having territory in Profane can offer many advantages in the game. For example, you get to charge taxes on the resources collected in your area so you can expand your dominion even more. But your ambition can draw attention from other adventurers or Factions that may want to claim your territory for themselves.


In Profane, you can choose what kind of player you want to be. ​You don't need to be tied to a class to define your combat style, which will be determined by what you exercise the most. Choose your favorite weapons, practice, and earn incredible Active Skills. 


Combat and Work Proficiencies can be learned and practiced through interactions with the world, whether by collecting resources, crafting, building, or using different weapons and spells. 


Besides Combat, Profane will have many activities for those who like to evolve in countless professions such as trade, fishing, cooking, and more. 


As you explore the world, you can discover and collect several Elemental Skills. But to use them, you need to activate them in your build. The skill slots are limited and have a cooldown between every change. Create a combat strategy that fits your role-play the most or is more suitable for your next adventure. Didn't like the outcome? Redo your build and live a completely different experience!

risk and 

If you want to be a Player Killer, go ahead, but be prepared to face the consequences of having negative Karma. PKs will not have easy access to some cities and NPC Factions that do not tolerate criminals. Guards will attack you! Besides, you might be chased by other players that role-play as defenders of the law and have the sole purpose of hunting and decimating PKs from the face of the earth. But there won't be a magic penalty for PKs, and full loot is applied to all players, regardless of their karma.

The risk and reward factor will always be present in the game, and because of that, open PvP and full loot become essential pieces to our game design. By dying, enemies can loot your equipped items and everything in your inventory. But this is not the end of the world! You don't lose your progressions or skills. Besides, equipment will work more as a bonus or attribute since it wouldn't make sense to invest so much in upgrading equipment that can be lost during a fight! Nevertheless, it's wise to have more items stocked in your home or a bank!


Factions are NPC groups that belong to the same culture and share mutual interests. They will not always be in the same places and they will be able to expand their territories evolving from small villages to great cities, but for that to happen, Factions will need resources to reinforce their bases, which can generate conflict with cities nearby, whether they belong to players or NPCs.

Players will have a decisive role in this process because they can help or prejudice these groups' plans, develop a reputation with them, and get some exciting perks with that. On the other hand, enemy factions may not like to see your village expanding and might wanna take action.


Artifacts are singular items that can bestow incredible upon powers to their owners. It's not easy to find them since their existence does not obey a known pattern. These rare items have such power that they can turn a mere adventurer into a powerful warlord. But everything comes at a price! Besides being chased by a horde of greedy players, its owner will face other challenges, for example, the player must obey the mysterious wishes of the Artifact in their possession! What if they don't? The Artifact will abandon them! Perhaps to be found by somebody else around the world.