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If you're a Content Creator and want to be part of our universe, pre-register here!

We're looking for content creators to help us grow our community and spread the word about Profane! If you stream games, have a YouTube channel, collaborate with wikis, write content, guild leader, or manage a fansite, you're exactly who we're looking for. We'll help you get involved with the game and onboard you to our development process. Pre-register now and get the chance to participate in our upcoming Content Creators Program. You may earn access keys, skins, and surprises from our developers.


Note: More details about the benefits are yet to be announced; for now, we're only collecting registrations. We still don't have an official date for the program to start. Soon, we'll email you some news.

Thank you!

Whilst we can’t promise that every applicant will be added, we do promise to check out every Creator that applies. If you aren’t lucky enough to accepted into our program straight away, don’t give up. There is a chance we’ll contact you in the future - so hang on tight and keep doing what you love!

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