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  • Who is developing Profane?
    Profane is being developed by INSANE, a Brazilian independent game studio.
  • What is its current phase of development?
    Profane is currently in the production of the Alpha version.
  • Is the game available for testing?
    No. Since the Alpha version is being developed, there are no tests available yet. We expect new tests of the Alpha version in 2021. We emphasize that the first tests will be of isolated mechanics such as character creation, movement, combat, etc.
  • How to become a backer?
    There are currently no Founder's Packs available for sale. As the development progresses and we can offer a fuller experience, access to Alpha will be possible by purchasing the Founder's Pack.
  • Will the game be 100% open world?
    Profane's primary focus is the open world, but we never rule out the possibility of adding exclusive adventures on different plans of the world.
  • Which business model will Profane follow?
    During the Alpha, the game is Buy-to-Play through the Founder's Pack. From the Beta on, we plan to test a Free-to-Play model, selling items to increase player's immersion, such as skins, but not offering an advantage.
  • What are the minimum requirements for Profane?
    Since we're still working on the Alpha version, it's not possible to set the minimum requirements to run Profane yet.
  • Will Profane have any publishers, or will it be released on Steam?"
    We didn't decide that yet because our focus at the moment is developing the game. During development, we plan to operate independently. However, if we identify the need for third-party support, such as publishers, we will first ensure that the game's guidelines and monetization model won't be compromised.
  • Will Profane be available for other platforms such as consoles and mobile?
    For now, Profane is being created for Windows PCs only. In the future, we might consider looking at other platforms.
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