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Meet the adventures lived by players that are destined to be a part of the game story.


At the height of the Inquisition, the migration fleets - one from each of the Five Kingdoms - left the continent of Garun Vedai to colonize new lands. The voyage across the unknown and inhospitable ocean was not easy, and many ships sunk or got lost along the way. Fleets split and mixed, affected by the storms and unknown creatures that crossed their paths.

Heretical Islands

Ships arrived in waves at what would come to be known as the Heretical Islands, settling and adapting to their new environment. In this period known as Foundation, the roots of the peoples who would later colonize this side of Semisus emerged: The Kingdom of Portus, the Kingdom of Holy Men in Stronghelm, and the Two Kingdoms of Morkhon.

In Stronghelm, a researcher exploring new lands uncovered a powerful artifact that, once activated, revealed magic was not as gone as the Founders had been led to believe by the Inquisition. Unable to control it, the researcher caused the artifact to corrupt the land, and give unlife to the memories of those long dead.

Suddenly, the Holy Men found themselves facing an infestation of the undead, but the secret of how to recover elemental magic was out. Far from the grasp of the Inquisition, there was room for new conflict. Too many people with too little land would rekindle the greed for power.

Stronghelm - Blacksong

Known as Founders, these early fel-vedai colonists learned to use magic through trial and error, opening the doors of Semisus to rediscover lost magic, and enticing a new wave of war for territory and magic.


It was during this period that the first Guilds emerged, founded by Inquisition refugees or those who left the young kingdoms in search of treasure and glory.

City of Veils

In Portus, a group of immigrants created the Templars, originally intended to secure peace on the island and protect the kingdom from the threat of Inquisition deserters and criminals in the City of Veils. In Veils, raiders and brigands formed another guild: the Head Hunters. The conflict between the two guilds would last months before the sudden disappearance of the Templar leadership led them into disarray. Once guardians of Portus, the Templars led raids on villages and independent travelers throughout the Heretic Islands. Within a few weeks, the guild was no more, giving the Head Hunters room to grow and virtually control the continent of Portus outside the central island's walls.

Kingdom of Portus

In the icy lands of Morkhon, Insanos was born. Assembled by the Southern King of Warmlands to confront the Northern King of Garon, Insanos was formed by adventurers interested in assisting newly arrived refugees from Garun Vedai. It didn't last long. Soon, Insanos turned their attention elsewhere, plundering other continents.

Morkhon - Kingdom of Garn

In Stronghelm, Ragnarök emerged, a company of mercenaries and adventurers tasked with supporting the Holy Men at the walls containing the undead hordes created by the artifact, and enlisting new allies from those recently arrived in the islands. Ragnarök made occasional attacks against Portus and Morkhon in search of treasures and resources that could strengthen their position in Stronghelm.

Stronghelm - Kingdom of Holy Men

Chaos and conflict of this period seemed to change the world itself, and in the sea between the Heretic Islands submerged caves ruptured from the seafloor, hosting powerful elemental crystals within. It was the Head Hunters who discovered the crystals' function. By testing the use of magic on one of the crystals, they accidentally opened a portal from which a gigantic creature emerged. The Corrupted Elemental brought death and destruction to Portus before finally being taken down. The discovery led to an arms race in which guilds fought to locate and capture the crystals and harness their powers.

Months into the conflict, Insano's leader Erwin unleashed a Corrupted Instinct Elemental against one of Ragnarök's cities, destroying dozens of houses and killing several innocent fel-vedai. Persecuted for the cowardly attack, Erwin and other Insanos' leaders disappeared without a trace.


The attack had far greater consequences than Erwin could fathom. Following it, Ragnarök set off for Morkhon to seek revenge. Once there, he found Insanos shattered. Displeased with the actions of their former leader, several guild members decided to join their old enemies, leading Insanos to cease to exist as a guild.

The Insanos attacking Ragnarök's vilage

Seeing Ragnarök's ranks grow with the absorption of Insanos, in Portus, the Head Hunters began a massive recruitment campaign to counter the only remaining major guild in the Heretical Islands. After skirmishes with former Templars - now called Profanos - Head Hunters turned their attention beyond Portus. However, dissension in Head Hunter's leadership led to a new break, and part of the original Guild leadership left to become mercenaries.

In Stronghelm, now abandoned by Ragnarök, members of an obscure cult of demon worshipers attacked the now unguarded Wall, allowing the undead hordes to advance further into the island, isolating the Kingdom of the Holy Men from the rest of the archipelago.

Stronghelm abandoned

In Portus, a sellsword named Pimba returned from an expedition beyond the Islands with a secret lost during the first migration: The existence of four powerful rings hidden under the statue in the capital city. Taking advantage of the chaos left by the Head Hunters' internal strife, Pimba destroyed the statue and took the four rings, becoming invulnerable to harm.

Portus's statue
Gnolls' village

Before the Head Hunters could react, Pimba enlisted the rabble of the City of Veils as an army, and Captain Grry Red Claws' gnoll pirates to ferry them across the sea. His plan was to seize Garon's Crown, a powerful artifact capable of controlling a mythical army of golems hidden underneath the Peak of Garon.

Pimba on his way to Morkhon
Peaks of Garon - Morkhon

The Siege of Garon lasts several days. After losing control of the lower levels of the capital city of Peak of Garon to Pimba's armies, the Northern King of Garon made a call to arms to anyone willing to help, including former enemies. If Pimba took control of the golems, there would be no stopping him.

Head Hunters, Ragnarök, smaller guilds, and independent adventurers came together at the foot of the Peak to hear the words of Garon's Vizir, who believed he could weaken Pimba's rings long enough for him to be killed by a joint effort of the guilds. To do so, the Vizier would need three blue diamonds stolen from his quarters by Pimba's troops. Before the Vizier could finish explaining what needed to be done, the Head Hunters attacked and kill members of Ragnarök and other guilds, then ventured into the sieged city on their own.

The foot of Peaks of Garon

With the help of Garon's Vizier and Archmage, the dead adventurers are brought back to life and equipped to make a fresh attempt against Pimba's troops.

Head Hunter's attack to Pimba

Over the following hour, they attempted several disorganized pushes, most failed at Peaks of Garon's lower levels. Those who have managed to get past Veils' brigands and reach the fortress that protects the castle fell prey to Red Claws' gnolls or imps brought into battle by gnoll shamans. Seeking a passage straight into the castle, adventurers opened Garon's ancient tombs, inadvertently awakening spectres intended on killing the living, no matter which side they were on.


Chaos is the perfect cover for the Head Hunters and its former members to continue their modus operandi, ambushing and murdering the competition for possession of the three diamonds.


It is Uyozz, a former Head Hunter veteran who, with the support of Obvylon and Photy, locate the three diamonds. In possession of the diamonds, the Vizier performed the ritual that temporarily cancels Pimba's immortality but not his supernatural endurance.

Uyoz with his comrades

At the foot of Peak of Garon, members of Ragnarök and other guilds unite to force their way through brigands and gnolls in an organized fashion. At the top, Uyozz confronted Pimba while his allies tried to prevent anyone from entering the castle, so that he can claim victory on his own. Exclusivity doesn't last long, and soon Ragnarök and the other adventurers join the fight.


Realizing his strength is failing after an exhaustive fight, Pimba tried to escape the castle, only to be ambushed outside by nearly forty adventurers intended on killing him.


Many fall, but ultimately Pimba is killed by an arrow in the chest allegedly fired by Alemis, an independent adventurer newly arrived in the Heretical Islands.


What should have been a moment to celebrate desintegrated into a bloodbath as Head Hunters and Ragnarök fought over the magic rings on Pimba's dead fingers. Then someone used a crystal to summon the first Corrupted Elemental, and everything was lost. To survivors remained only fleeing as the gigantic monsters with no master wrecked havok over Garon.


By the end of the day, the Northern King of Garon was dead, his crown was lost, and the magic rings were missing.

Corrupted Elemental
Corrupted Elemental  destroying Garon

The Heroes of Garon: ZauTao, PhiasaN, Lestat, Shiroe, Kadesh, Azahael, Damstander, SrNooob, DeathFlag, Tim, Justiceiro, XuMyn, Korvac,  Alemis,  Noura,  Blackmask, UyoZZ,  issoaew, FlintHeart, Daddy, Okami, ZullKs, Photy, HerzMayhem, Cavera0, Ayato, VuddU, Matheus, Maverik, Focamacho, Arkwright, DrTaPiOCa, Rafinha, Taleko, Obvylon, Morte, MainR2D2, Caligula, Magnus, Eldryom, vithor14

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